Which lamp do I need for my projector?

At RCS we stock a wide range of projector bulbs/lamps and most of them are always in stock.  If you need a specific photographic lamp for your projector, but you are unsure which one you need, please feel free to leave a reply to this post, including the projector’s make and model number, together with its voltage and wattage.

The voltage and wattage information is usually printed or engraved on a plate near to where the power cable goes into the projector.  It might even mention a product code, so any information would make it easier for us to help you.

We will then look the information up and post a reply recommending the lamp that you need.  If it is stocked by us, we will include a link for you to place an order.  Otherwise we could obtain it from our supplier and then make it available for you to order on our web site

Of course, if you have the old lamp, please note all the information printed on it and let us have this information.  We will then be able to quote or offer an equivalent that would be compatible with your projector.

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