DIB-1210N Digital Light Box 12″ x 10″ LED

Camera not included!

The complete close-up lighting system in a box for product photography. Excellent light control using LED lamps. Standard camera screw fixing with adjustable mounting plate.

A picture is worth a thousand words, especially in the retail industry. Quality photos can mean the difference between making a sale or not. Whether you use photos for advertising, catalogues, or sell on the internet, natural wrap-around lighting is the key to bringing out the best in your jewellery or small items.




  • Tremendous money savings and fast turn-around time by producing product images in-house rather than outsourcing to a graphic design company.
  • Increased sales with sharp quality product images.
  • Easy to set-up and continuously capture product images.
  • Natural lighting for proper product display.
  • Clean white background with Photoshop or equivalent (or add your own background).
  • Remove the need to use floor space eating light tent kits and external lamps.

Light Box applications include:

  • Product Sales (Print) – Advertising, Brochures, Catalogs, Flyers, Packaging
  • Product Sales (Internet) – Auctions, Banner Advertising, E-Commerce, Email Attachments, Online Product Catalogs, Online Store
  • Website Design – Company Image, Product Line
  • Inventory Management – Appraisals, Insurance Protection, Inventory

Further Information:

  • The DIB-1210N Digital Light box has one switch that lights the back and front panel of the box.
  • The box uses LED lighting.  It also has a Sparkling light to provide a constant light source for digital jewellery photography.
  • The door opens and using magnetic stoppers to stay on when shooting from top down.
  • The door flap will also completely detach from the box.
  • Once the camera (not included) is attached to the top bracket it is able to move up, down, left, right, backward and forwards.

DIB-1210 Specifications

  • Light Source: 2 Way Dimmable (Back, Front) LED Lamp
  • The third knob enables you to control the LED Sparkling Light intensity
  • Colour Temp: 5000-5600°K
  • Power Source: Adaptor 24v 2a
  • Weight 8kg
  • Dimensions: W: 370 mm D: 350mm H: 320mm
  • Internal Base Dimensions: L: 350mm (12 inches) W: 250mm (10 inches)

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