Lesson learnt – set image size on your camera before taking photos

I was recently asked to take some photos of various coloured foils to be used as a product on a web site.  The final image size should be 600×600.

I usually have my camera set to 1600×1200, to give a reasonably high resolution. However, when the image was reduced to 600×600, too much detail was lost.

Here is the original (1600×1200)


The following image was set to 600×600 and very few of the foil colours were included, so it couldn’t be used


I then decided to reduce the image size and set the camera to 1024×768 IMG_8748

The following 600×600 image included more detail and the image quality still looked good.   IMG_8748_600

The final example for my test was to set the camera to 640×480: IMG_8749

The lesson learnt was to set the image size on the camera in order to obtain as much detail as possible.  The other thing to consider, knowing that the ultimate image should be square is to arrange the items to be photographed with a blank area on either side and then resizing and cropping shouldn’t be an issue.

This final image is 600×600 with a blank area at the top and bottom, but the objective was achieved and included as much detail as possible, so it’s wise to consider setting the camera correctly before embarking on such a project!IMG_8749_600


Here is a link to the site where these foil pics are used:


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