Holga HPL-PLG Pinhole Lens for Panasonic Lumix G Series Camera

Holga HPL-PLG Pinhole Lens for Panasonic Lumix G Series Camera
Brand: Holga
Product Code: HPL-PLG
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The installation of this HPL series Holga lens to a compatible film or digital camera will enable the camera to become a pinhole camera. After the Holga Pinhole Lens is installed, a whole range of filters and special image effect lenses originally designed for Holga 120 cameras will also become usable to expand tremendously the world of fun which one can enjoy with your digital camera. 

•Pinhole size is 0.25mm 
•Pinhole lens requires no focussing

Please note that Holga lenses don't have electronic contacts on the rear of the lens, so this means your camera will give a message saying no lens is mounted.  It is necessary to manually set the camera to shoot without lens and adjust the exposure by altering the shutter speeds. Please consult your user manual to make these changes.  Also, to obtain the best results when using a pinhole lens a tripod is recommended.

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