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Turn any Electrical Socket into a Network Port
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Turn any Electrical Socket into a Network Port

Electrical power is supplied and distributed around your house at 50Hz. However, the wires are actually capable of carrying a range of other frequencies which can be 'tuned-in' using appropriate equipment. Powerline technology takes advantage of this unused bandwidth of the electrical wiring in the home.

The PowerLine device plugs into the electrical socket and draws power for the device, at the same time, it sends data signals down the power cord. A second PowerLine device can then be placed on any electrical outlet in the home/office to receive the signal. Now any Ethernet device (internet cable/DSL modem or another computer) can connect to the PowerLine Ethernet port and create a home/office network. Generally any circuit working on the same electricity meter will provide a good connection.

Although Home Plug technology is not a way of creating a telephone extension it can be an excellent way to distribute Broadband around your home in combination with an Broadband Router. The 85Mbps Turbo products will NOT inter-operate with the 200AV, 500AV & 1GIG adapters however they will sit on the same mains wiring without interference.


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