Computer Services

RCS is based in Harrow, North West London; we offer the following personalised services to our clients:

Remote Support

We offer a remote support facility, where we can securely connect to your computer and make necessary changes. This is an efficient option which may save a journey to visit personally, especially if you are outside the area that we cover.  Providing remote support where we connect to your computer without needing to visit your home or office is even more important in these challenging times due to the COVID situation.  
Please contact us to discuss your requirements. 020-8909-9241 or e-mail:  

Buying a new computer?

We offer a service to transfer all required data from your old computer to the new one and install software.

Networking in the home

If you have more than one computer and need access to the internet in any room, we sell a range of Aztech Homeplug adaptors. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and we will recommend the most appropriate product.

Software training/tips & techniques

We have experience in most of the Office software applications. Please contact us if you need to achieve something. We could either do it for you, or visit to show you how.

Keeping your computer running smoothly

There are several things you should do in order to keep your computer running smoothly. We can provide advice on these tasks.

Convert video tapes to DVD

Do you have old home movies on video tapes that you want to preserve digitally? Converted tapes will be provided on a DVD.  We will also supply the same recording as an MP4 file. MP4 files can be played on computers, tablets and mobile phones.  They can also be uploaded to YouTube which could be shared with family and friends.   This facility is available via post if you are outside our area.  Please contact us for details.

Do you have recordings in another video format and need them to be converted?  If you still have the device (ie: camcorder, or video recorder) then if you are willing to loan us the machine we will be happy to use it to do the conversion for you.  (We are currently able to convert VHS, VHS-C and Video 8 tapes)

Advice on backing up your data

  • When was the last time you backed up and saved the data on your computer?
  • What if you switched on your computer and nothing happened?

Those questions usually bring home to people the risks being unwittingly taken. You could copy the files to a memory stick or buy an external hard drive but that also relies on you remembering to do it. It can be a chore, which is one reason why it’s not done and it seems unproductive at the time. What you need is a safety net, where you won’t have to worry again. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

If you live outside the 10 mile radius of Harrow as shown on the map

contact us to discuss your requirements.